Lady Gaga, Beyonce And 11 Celebrities Sporting Extreme Shoes (PHOTOS)

Recently we ran a piece on celebrities' obsession with high-heel shoes -- the higher, the better. Often they are walking at their own risk, since the vertiginous heels leave little room for anything but tottering.

But stars like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Victoria Beckham are taking heels to a new level -- literally. We've seen them out and about in shoes without heels. "Wait, wha? How is that even possible?" is probably the thought running through your head. The answer is that's it's not possible for normal people who actually have to traverse the ground unaided in order to get somewhere.

The shoes in question have an enormous platform and no heel, so it may be more apt to describe them as hooves, since the wearer must prance to get around. We've seen art students and aspiring fashionistas loitering outside of fashion shows in the freak-tastic footwear…leaning against walls, of course, since that's all they can do.

We've rounded up 13 stars sporting crazy shoes -- heel-less, fur-covered, spike-adorned … you name it, they've worn it. We've included a few shoppable options in case you'd like to try the trend. But buyer beware, these aren't for the wary, unless you're willing to also sport what might be the latest in must-have accessories: the cane.

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Craziest Shoes Out There