Lady Gaga On 'Boiling Points' In 2005: Young Gaga Loses It On MTV Reality Show (VIDEO)

Stefani Germanotta, who we now know as Lady Gaga, appeared on MTV's 'Boiling Points' in 2005. The reality show puts unsuspecting subjects in irritating situations and awards them $100 if they stay cool and collected for the duration of the prank.

In this case several restaurant patrons, including Gaga, had their meals taken away before they were finished with them--then returned, covered in trash. The goal was to make it through 14 minutes without blowing up.

Unfortunately, young Gaga hit her boiling point before that and forfeited the prize money.

"This is disgusting!" she tells the waitress. "Who puts that in their mouth? Would you put that in your mouth? There's shit all over it!"

The other contestants had more patience and won the money.