Lady Gaga, 'Princess Die': Mother Monster Debuts New Song In Melbourne (VIDEO)

"This song is a little bit sad," Lady Gaga told the amped crowd Tuesday night in Melbourne, before debuting her new song "Princess Die."

And she wasn't kidding. In fact, it might just be Gaga's darkest track to date. Here's a sample of the chorus and the second verse:

I wish that I was strong
I wish that I was wrong
I wish that I could cope
But I took pills and left a note

I’m hungry from an anorexic heart
I’ve been trying to tell you how I feel
But was never very smart
I’m wrapped in silks made for egyptian queens
I’ll do it in the swimming pool
So everybody sees

The international superstar isn't sure if the unreleased piano ballad will appear on her highly anticipated third studio album, which she is currently in the process of completing. However, Little Monsters shouldn't worry too much about their Mother Monster's mental health. She later clarified, "It's in no way reflective of the rest of music on the album, but it's about some of the most deep and personal thoughts I've ever had."

Gaga is currently on the Australian leg of her world tour through July 8th and will begin touring Europe on August 14th.

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