Lady Gaga Reveals Real Reason For Being ‘So Private’ Lately In Open Letter To Worried Fans

“I hope you know this time to myself has been extremely healing and recharging for my heart, mind, body, and creativity,” wrote Gaga.

Lady Gaga is assuring concerned fans her recent absence means only good things.

The “Poker Face” singer penned an open letter Friday on Instagram to announce that she’s been creative “in a really special and private way” since 2022. Gaga, who won an Oscar for “A Star is Born” and recently wrapped the “Joker” sequel, has certainly been busy.

“I wrote and produced a musical for a special project, I prepared for months developing my character for ‘Joker,’ I filmed ‘Joker’ for many months (a very introspective time), I have been running my start-up Haus Labs… and… working on the Chromatica Ball film edit,” wrote Gaga.

The Grammy winner included a frame of the Chromatica Ball, her seventh headlining tour from last year, confirming a concert documentary is well underway. Gaga, who will star opposite Joaquin Phoenix in “Joker 2,” said working on side projects helped her recharge.

“For the first time in many years... my love of making art, music, fashion, and supporting my community has never been more fulfilling,” she wrote. “I hope you know this time to myself has been extremely healing and recharging for my heart, mind, body, and creativity.”

Gaga espoused the benefits of “a personal life that’s just for me” but acknowledged to her die-hard fans they “may feel different” — because she hasn’t “always been so private.” Gaga, who calls her fans “little monsters,” said her love for them “will never change.”

The singer has certainly deserved a break after winning an Oscar in 2019 for “A Star Is Born,” accepting a beloved role opposite Phoenix on an anticipated blockbuster — and being appointed co-chair of the Arts and Humanities Committee by President Joe Biden.

The 13-time Grammy winner recently told Wallpaper magazine she’s “really interested” in “a life of solitude” and confessed it’s “really nice to just have time to be alone.” With a world-famous face and record-breaking music sales, she understandably appreciates privacy.

“Thank you for being willing to grow with me so that I can change and transform with the community I love so much,” she wrote. “I hope you love all the things I’ve been creating for you, and I hope this is a small reminder to you of my deep passion and commitment to art.”

Joker: Folie à Deux” hits theaters in October 2024.

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