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Lady Gaga Pulls A Rachel Zoe In Maxi Dress, Oversized Sunglasses (PHOTOS)

Rachel Zoe, is that you?

Just when we think we've got Lady Gaga pegged, she goes and surprises us. The pop star emerged on Monday in West Hollywood looking very not Gaga-like... and oddly enough, rather Rachel Zoe-like.

Gaga was shopping at Kitson Kids(cue the baby bump rumors?) in a floral maxi dress, oversized sunglasses, majorly high platform heels and a giant hat (which reads slightly more Stetson that fashion). Between that and the big designer handbag thrown over her arm, Gaga was looking more like power stylist Rachel Zoe than herself.

This isn't actually the first time Lady Gaga has stepped out looking like a Rachel Zoe doppleganger... but it might be one of our favorites.

Lady Gaga:

lady gaga rachel zoe

lady gaga rachel zoe

Her doppleganger, Rachel Zoe:

lady gaga rachel zoe

lady gaga rachel zoe

Rachel Zoe's signature style:

Rachel Zoe's Style Evolution

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