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Lady Gaga Channels Rachel Zoe At Children in Need Rocks Manchester (PHOTOS)

Lady Gaga has several signature styles: weird head encasings, unwearable sky-high platforms, that whole pantsless thing. So she rarely feels the need to entirely adopt another style icons style...

Except for Rachel Zoe, apparently.

The pop star attended the Children In Need Rocks Manchester event last night in England looking nearly identical to the Hollywood stylist. The blonde waves, the black wide-brimmed hat, the trim blazer, the chunky black platform boots, the red lipstick and even the hands-on-the-hip pose -- it was as if Gaga decided to play dress-up for the night. As Rachel Zoe.

Alas, she couldn't fool anyone with her sharp red nails (talons are a Gaga-only signature).

Don't buy the comparison? Take a quick perusal of some past Zoe looks below and you'll have to agree: Gaga totally nailed the Zoe impression.

Lady Gaga and Rachel Zoe