Lady Gaga-Rebecca Francescatti Lawsuit: Chicago Artist Suing Star Says She's Getting Death Threats

Chicago Artist Suing Lady Gaga Getting Death Threats

Lady Gaga's anti-bullying stance must not extend to her fan base, according to one Chicago musician.

Rebecca Francescatti, an artist locked in a legal battle with the "Born This Way" star over alleged copyright infringement, alleges Lady Gaga's "Little Monsters" have been sending her bullying messages online and even making death threats, according to DNAinfo Chicago.

"Little Monster"-driven harassment of the "Juda" singer has been going since before August 2011, when Francescatti, who performs as "Rebecca F," posted a YouTube single "I Don't Believe In Monsters" complete with the nasty messages that call her "a dumb whore" or the more troubling, "Death to Rebecca Francescatti and her family!"

Francescatti isn't the first to allege bullying at the hands of Gaga fans: in January, reality star and Style Network host Kelly Osbourne claimed the star's followers bullied her and called her fat.

Francescatti is tussling with Gaga and a producer who has worked with both artists over purported similarities between her song "Juda" and Lady Gaga's hit "Judas." ABC Chicago reports the lawsuit also targets Jennifer Lopez, who the suit claims unlawfully sampled Francescatti's music for the song "Invading My Mind."

The singer legally known as Stefani Joanne Germanotta was in Chicago in July of 2012 for the Pitchfork Music Festival and was deposed for four hours, according to the Tribune. Recently, lawyers for Gaga's camp asked a federal judge in Chicago to redact parts of the deposition she says were to be kept secret by mutual agreement between both artists.

The Tribune reports Lady Gaga's attorneys are expected to file a motion asking a judge to dismiss the case.

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