Lady Gaga Fans Launch Spoof Starbucks Campaign To Boost 'Shallow'

Little monsters are causing a latte headaches for the coffee company.

Lady Gaga fans are so in love with her Oscar-winning song “Shallow” that they’re stirring up a fake Starbucks campaign to push the Oscar-winning creation up the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The tune from the film “A Star Is Born” is currently 21st on the list, but the little monsters believe it should be much higher so they’re pushing the name on social media to get it up there, Buzzfeed reported. (Ariana Grande’s “7 rings” is currently at the top.)

The fake “Shallowbucks” campaign claims Starbucks will give customers a free drink voucher if they send a screenshot of themselves listening to the song. Some diehard fans are even tweeting fake messages from Starbucks, and boasting that they’ve received their vouchers to keep the ruse going.

The campy campaign was reportedly started Thursday by an 18-year-old college freshman and Gaga fan named Nico, who said he came up with the idea to help boost recognition and sales.

Starbucks has confirmed that the campaign is fake, that there will be no free drink vouchers offered in exchange for any selfies of people listening to “Shallow”:

But believers weren’t so easily dissuaded — or at least they pretended to be holding strong.

Others were just goofing: