Lady Gaga Shoots 'Marry The Night' Video In New York City

While some were hoping Lady Gaga would release "Bloody Mary" as her next single in time for Halloween (and/or the release of "Paranormal Activity 3," which has given the legendary ghoul more publicity than she's had in years), a new behind-the-scenes clip reveals the pop star will be promoting "Marry The Night" next.

The two-minute video, shot by a fan, features Gaga displaying how bendy she can get on top of a car amidst pouring rain, shooting flames, and a huge crew.

The NY Daily News reports that while filming another portion of the video on Staten Island, "about 50 to 100" onlookers gathered and "when Gaga finally did appear from the video set, she was shrouded in a white sheet so...no one could take a bootleg photo or footage of the shoot" or see her outfit.

Lynn Kelly, CEO of the Snug Harbor Cultural Center, which served as the location for the video shoot on Monday, talked to MTV News about filming the "Marry The Night" clip saying, "We found both her and her crew to be easy to work with and low-key. I think we would have expected a lot of drama, and the truth is, she is probably the most down-to-earth person. It was endearing. She was friendly and kind."

According to DigitalSpy.com, the single and video are due on November 21 and the release will coincide with the on-sale date of the DVD and Blu-ray of "The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden."

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