This Lady Gaga-'Sound Of Music' Mashup Will Set Your Inner Theater Queen Free

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How do you solve a problem like Maria  Lady Gaga? 

Well, you stage a mashup featuring songs like "Paparazzi," "Edge of Glory" and "Bad Romance" performed by the U.K. cast of "Sound of Music" dressed in their von Trapp best. Nuns included. 

"The Sound of Gaga" was produced as a tribute to Gaga's powerful "Sound of Music" medley at last year's Oscars -- the one even Julie Andrews was impressed by. 

In the five-minute performance that was filmed in April of last year, but never meant for public consumption, according to BuzzFeed, Maria, The Mother Abbess, Liesl, Rolf, Georg and the rest of the cast somehow maintain a straight face while nuns sing about their love for Judas (#transgressive). 

We're pretty sure this is Gaga's teenage theater geek fantasy come to life. The singer responded on Wednesday morning with a tweet thanking all involved for the tribute. 

OK, so this was good, but who's going to tackle a "Sound of Music"-(von) Trap music crossover? Fetty Wap, you down? 

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