Lady Gaga Tries Out Tumblr For "Amen Fashion"

Lady Gaga Tries Out Tumblr For "Amen Fashion"

Lady Gaga is already one of the Internet's most active celebrities. Her Twitter account boasts over 11 million enthusiastic followers, and last year her 'Bad Romance' video was one of YouTube's most searched terms. So, it makes complete sense that she would dominate the final frontier of web: Tumblr.

This week Gaga took to the microblogging service to start her own aesthetically-pleasing Tumblr blog, "Amen Fashion," where she's already published seven posts, ranging from edgy self portraits in skimpy bikini tops to introspective quotes to lyrics from her well-received roster of songs.

How are the fans taking to this new side of Mother Monster? The least viewed post has 1,762 notes in the form of reblogs and likes. The most popular post claims over 5,000. If history is any gauge, fans can expect more high fashion photos and stills from the mega celeb, who seems to be poised for complete Internet takeover.

Tumblr isn't doing too shabby on it's own with 8.4 billion pageviews per month, about 25,000 new accounts daily as of late last year, and celebrity fans that include Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Katy Perry.

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