Lady Gaga Disses Herself In Twitter Rant To Promote New Single With R. Kelly

Don't Feel Bad, Lady Gaga's Lastest Twitter Rant Is Just About Self-Promotion

There have been a lot of unflattering things said about Lady Gaga over the years, and the pop star rehashed all of them via Twitter on Sunday -- only in an effort to promote her latest single featuring R. Kelly, "Do What You Want."

The 27-year-old tweeted out to her 40 million followers that she's unfazed by comments about her weight, drug addictions and accusations that she's a "reductive Madonna copy." She doesn't even care about that pesky rumor that she's a hermaphrodite, which made the rounds online a few years back.

Nope, Gaga doesn't care what you have to say about her, because she can use it to promote her latest song. Each tweet was accompanied by the hashtag, "#DoWhatUWantWithMyBody," or "#WriteWhatUWant," which fittingly went with the theme of "Do What You Want."

Check out Gaga's twitter rant below:

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