Lady Gaga 'Looked Embalmed' In Vintage Versace, Says Cathy Horyn

Lady Gaga 'Looked Embalmed' In Vintage Versace, Says Cathy Horyn

Another day, another Gaga story. But this one's kind of amusing.

New York Times' fashion critic Cathy Horyn took both Gags and Donatella Versace to task for their needless collaboration on the songstress' new video for "Edge of Glory."

While not outright condemning the pop star, Horyn did wonder why Donatella Versace thought her worthy of opening the Versace archives for the very first time. Donatella previously told Fashionista, "Lady Gaga is unafraid to push boundaries and she has created an original vocabulary by merging fashion, music, theatre and art. For me, this video represents a wonderful tribute to anyone who is unafraid to take chances." Yadda, yadda, yadda.

In a week, I told myself, Lady Gaga's vintage Versace studs (seen in her new "Edge of Glory" video) will be history. If that. "Never be afraid to dream," she tweeted to her followers, but I had already unfollowed, like a skiff breaking from its moorings. Goodbye!


As funny and as fresh as Gaga was in her speech at the recent C.F.D.A. awards, she looked embalmed in the black Versace harness (apparently from Gianni Versace's final collection), and I don't know why Donatella Versace said she was honored by Gaga's selection, unless, of course, she thought she had to say something nice about the superstar. But a D.O.A. video doesn't help the House of Versace. Be choosier, Ms. Versace.

Yes, be choosier, we implore thee! We've really had enough of Gaga, anyway.

Watch this video for more outrageous Lady Gaga style:

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