Lady Gaga And Vice President Joe Biden Will Appear Onstage Together At The Oscars

For good reason.
Vice President Joe Biden and Lady Gaga. 
Vice President Joe Biden and Lady Gaga. 

Lady Gaga and Vice President Joe Biden will appear onstage together at the 88th annual Academy Awards on Sunday. 

Biden is set to introduce Lady Gaga's performance of her song "Til It Happens To You," according to a statement from White House officials to the Los Angeles Times. Composed by Diane Warren, the Oscar-nominated song is featured in the campus rape documentary "The Hunting Ground." 

The PSA/video for "Til It Happens To You" came out on the one-year anniversary of the Obama Administration's anti-sexual assault campaign, called "It's On Us." The LA Times reports Biden has played a key part in the campaign, meeting with Warren to talk about "It's On Us" and her emotional song. 

"The song is resonant for sexual assault, and resonant for anything difficult: maybe something traumatic happened; this song can help," Warren said recently in a blog on HuffPost. "It gives an empowering voice to something people are too afraid to talk about. And the song is giving back to colleges. There's an a capella competition at the White House, with groups all sending in their versions of ''Til it Happens to You.'" 

The Hollywood/White House partnership will take the campaign a step further after Gaga's performance, when Biden will reportedly invite the Oscars audience to visit ItsOnUs.org and take the pledge. It's the perfect way to bring even more awareness to the campaign. 



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