Lady Gaga's Weed Pasties Are A Halloween Innovation (NSFW PHOTOS)

A technical innovation like we've never seen before.

As you may have heard, it was Halloween last night. As you almost might know, many celebrities dressed up in costume, from Kate Moss going as Morticia Addams to Miley Cyrus doing her best Nicki Minaj. But one particular celebrity costume stick sticks out to us for its technical innovation: Lady Gaga's Princess High The Cannabis Queen costume.

Our friends at HuffPost Celeb broke down Gaga's whole get-up (and the inspiration behind it) for us, but we'd like to draw your attention to one specific part: the pasties. The most eye-catching part of the costume, the pasties seem to channel a mermaid, perhaps, or Eve (y'know, from the Bible). But of course they're not your average leaves but rather marijuana leaves, the piece de resistance of an outfit Gaga described as "BEST COSTUME EVER ITS SO FUN."

But while Gaga has worn nip-covers previously like many celebrities before her (what up, Lil' Kim) and we acknowledge that marijuana pasties have probably been floating around the Internet for years, this may be the first time we've seen pot leaves conceived as stick-on apparel by a celebrity. Well done, Gaga. Well done.


lady gaga weed costume

lady gaga weed 3

More where that came from...

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