Lady Gaga's Gold Wheelchair: Singer Recovers From Hip Surgery In A 24-Karat 'Chariot' (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga Debuts 24-Karat 'Chariot'

Looks like Lady Gaga traded Emma in for a newer, shinier model.

Never one to go unnoticed, Gaga rolled out her 24-karat gold plated wheelchair yesterday for the world to see. The unique and very Gaga-esque chair was custom-made for her by jewelry designer Ken Borochov of the luxury brand Mordekai, so the singer can recover from her hip surgery in style.

The golden dazzle comes equipped with "a black leather seat complete with a removable leather canopy. The chair can also recline all the way back if Gaga needs to lie down," per the New York Post. Borochov dubbed it "the chariot."


Borochov, whose celebrity clientele also includes Kanye West and Nicki Minaj, told the Daily Beast the chair "was a huge undertaking" and added that "it was made all over the United States, my assistant had to run around everywhere." Though he won't disclose the price, the Daily Beast notes that considering the current exchange rates, the chair's gold weight clocks in at nearly $2,600.

The photos surfaced after Gaga's good friend, photographer Terry Richardson, snapped the queen in her new chair. Gaga then uploaded them to her fan site,

But not all are fans of Gaga's new ride. Reports have already surfaced of people calling the singer's over-the-top wheelchair "a publicity stunt" and saying she is "glamorizing disabilities." Strangely, this is not the first time Gaga has come under fire for using wheelchairs -- in a 2011 show in Sydney, Gaga took the stage in a wheelchair and was later egged by fans who though her stunt was offensive.


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