Lady Gaga's Oprah Wardrobe Malfunction, Spikey Performance (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Lady Gaga took Oprah's stage by storm for a live performance Friday, singing and dancing as she held her unzipped, spike-covered costume up with her left arm. She sang a montage of her hits, a clip of which is below.

She also had a flesh colored bandage on her left wrist over what was a peace-sign tattoo, above a long scratch. No word if it is tattoo revision or a costume-induced injury.

At one point a dancer lifted her onto a New York cab that was on stage so she could swing a gold, spiked ball on a chain against the windshield until she smashed it in.

Complicating matters as she danced and swung and sang live was the heavily-weighted left shoulder of her dress, that threatened to topple over and expose her chest.

But alas, Gaga prevailed.

Scroll down for photos.



A new tattoo and an arm scrape:

Being lifted onto the cab:

Oprah fist pumped and sang along:

Beating up the cab:

Her dress was unzipped in the back

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