'The Masked Singer' Unmasks Ladybug And She's Reality Show Royalty

Fox's costumed competition worked the bug out.

Later, Ladybug.

Reality competition show “The Masked Singer” unmasked the celebrity in the Ladybug costume on Wednesday, revealing a reality show alum with music in her blood.


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Her clues package indicated that in her family, she let her “insecurities get in the way.”

On Wednesday night, she sang “Youngblood,” a title that riffs on her standing in the family.

Ladybug received the fewest votes, so it was time for her to bug off. Several panelists guessed Lindsay Lohan, while Jenny McCarthy went with Paris Jackson.

And it was ...

... Kelly Osbourne, singer, designer and former “Fashion Police” panelist who appeared on “The Osbournes” reality show back in the day with metal dad Ozzy Osbourne and mother Sharon Osbourne. Now, she’s a host on “The Talk.”