Teens Who Allegedly Released 72,000 Ladybugs In Their School Now Face Criminal Charges

A high school education should prepare you for the real world. And indeed, a group of Maryland teens just learned a valuable, if highly specific, lesson: While some pranks lead to viral video hits, others result in criminal charges.

Last Wednesday, a group of pranksters clad in masks and hoodies reportedly broke into Chopticon High School in Morganza, Maryland, at about 3:30 a.m. Once inside, they let loose some 72,000 ladybugs that had been bought on Amazon.

It was allegedly supposed to be a senior prank, but nobody found it very funny. Police have charged six Chopticon students and one alumnus in the incident, according to a release from the St. Mary's County Sheriff's office. The four juvenile suspects were charged with fourth-degree burglary, property destruction under $1,000 and disruption of school activities, and were released to their parents. The three adult suspects will be charged by criminal summons.

According to WTTG Fox 5, the students are facing punishment from the school, with at least one student, senior Brian Reminga, now barred from walking at commencement this Wednesday.

“Please let me walk,” Reminga told Fox. “It was a harmless prank.”

Calls to Chopticon Principal Garth Bowling seeking further comment were not immediately returned.

Students protested the punishment Tuesday, arguing that the prank was harmless and calling Reminga's punishment unfair. Students said that another alleged participant in last week's prank was still allowed to play in the state championship baseball game. (Chopticon won.)



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