Move Over Celebutantes and Twerkers, It's Time for a Ladylike Revolution

Have you heard about the latest YouTube craze, subwoofer orgasm videos? Why bother with twerking and other provocative dance videos when girls are willing to cut through the pretense and just have a stereo-inspired orgasm right in front of your eyes? In the words of Alicia Silverstone's Cher from Clueless, " I don't want to be a traitor to my generation and all, but..." seriously what is going on with young women today? It is one thing for our self-esteem to be so closely intertwined with our own looks and another for it to ebb and
flow exclusively at the whim of the male gaze.

Sex sells, but most of these YouTube girls are not selling anything except for their sense of decency and self-respect. Miley Cyrus gets paid very well for every Wrecking Ball performance but what's in it for amateur YouTube twerkers, additional twitter followers? Hardly seems worth it considering that the video will live on in infamy. We will move onto the next social media craze but their bare bottoms will be on the Internet forever.

I wrote my book, Ladylike Lessons: A Guide to Feminine Empowerment and Etiquette, in order to combat the idea that sexting, Snapchat and similar acts of voyeurism are just another byproduct of the Internet age that women must embrace or at minimum tolerate. I am passionate about letting young women know that there is
an alternative to the vulgar, hyper-sexualized media figures that attract a lot of attention in popular culture. The proliferation of reality television and celebrity magazines has given the impression that women must be nearly naked and constantly ready to star in homemade pornography in order to be worthy of attention. I am not interested in shaming anyone, but I am telling you that this is a false paradigm that has earned millions of dollars for a few women and
leads many others down a dangerous path.

Enough with celebutante culture, where fame and fortune come to those with very little talent or good sense. A Ladylike, as I call her, embodies the "je ne sais quoi" of an old Hollywood screen siren combined with the determination of a 21st-century CEO. A Ladylike is a woman of style and substance who is admired for both her intelligence and beauty. She leads a refined life where the emphasis is on quality, not quantity. Her success can be boiled down to a simple principle.
She creates her own luck by being prepared when opportunities come her way.

How do I know? Because I live this life; I'm a Ladylike! My life is filled with refinement and opportunities that are only limited by my imagination and interests. I have traveled to over 30 countries on five continents and I have fulfilled my dream of living and working in Manhattan. I'm not a trust-fund baby, and I have never been in a position to benefit from nepotism, yet I lead a charmed life all the

Ladylike Lessons is not simply about having good manners; it's about developing a feminine edginess that is almost intoxicating. You would be surprised at how far good old-fashioned charm can take a girl if she plays her cards right. A Ladylike knows when to be demure and when to play up her cheeky sense of humor. With that in mind, the book is divided into six sections: Social Interactions, Friendship, The Work
Place, The Home, Charm School and Dating.

Social Interactions will help the budding Ladylike as she navigates the tapestry that is modern society. In Friendship, we will look at topics like why it is important for a Ladylike to have a diverse group of friends and what to expect when your male best friend gets married.
With more and more modern women entering the professional world, the workplace could certainly use a strong dose of Ladylike decorum. Having worked in politics in New York City, I have dealt with my fair share of ego-driven personalities, professional jealousy and Work
Frenemies. The Charm School section gives practical advice on topics like fashion, fitness and beauty.

Finally, there's dating. When it comes to dating, a Ladylike is dignified and discreet but she is not a nun and does not pretend to be. I have had some interesting adventures in the crazy world that is single life in New York City. From the co-worker whom I had a six-month relationship with until he came to my office and told me that he had gotten engaged to another woman over the weekend to the naughty musician who had to be taught a hard lesson, there is hardly ever a dull moment. However, I have also had the pleasure of getting to know some incredible gentlemen over the years. They have enriched my life, and the dating section is filled with their insights and

Being a Ladylike is about combining your God-given feminine attributes with 21st-century diligence and ingenuity. At her core, a Ladylike is a good girl, but she is also a modern realist. I am excited to take this journey together. Welcome to the Ladylike revolution.
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