'LadyPockets' Will Change The Way You Look At Fashion Blogs

Love them or hate them, fashion blogs have become a prevalent source of style inspiration and one of our favorite forms of procrastination over the years. Our cups runneth over with DIY and "get the look" tutorials. But if there's one thing we love at HuffPost Style more than fashion, it's the fashion of influential female leaders. In the past, we've had to figure out who designed Maya Angelou's hat or Hillary Clinton's dress on our own (THE HORROR!). But now, all that has changed.

LadyPockets is a satirical new "fashion blog" by a freelance writer who, as she explains on her other site "I Am Begging My Mother Not To Read This Blog," started the site as a way to pass the time in between jobs. Fed up with the days of trying to churn out creative content, she decided to finally follow through on an old idea of hers. "Instead of writing the great American Novel, I made a fake fashion + lifestyle blog where I tell you where to buy Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s earrings," she wrote.

The blog, of course, is meant to be a joke, but its content sparks a bigger conversation. The women featured on this site are fierce, competent, leading figures in our world and, yet, are still subject to criticism based on gender (you know, like how becoming a grandmother could have a negative effect on Hillary's potential presidential run.)

Bravo to its creator for her playful approach -- and for finally settling the Joan Didion vs. Harper Lee "Who Wore It Best" debate.

Check out the blog here.

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