Lagging In Fundraising And Begging For Applause

Fred Thompson's campaign got off to a rocky start this week with a mediocre fundraising report and a lackluster reception from an Iowa audience.

Dan Morain of The Los Angeles Times reports:

In an indication that his presidential campaign is off to a slow start financially, Republican Fred Thompson raised $8 million in the third quarter of 2007, which included his first month as a declared candidate.

Combined with the money he raised while he considered joining the race, Thompson has gathered $11.5 million for the year, putting him a distant fourth in the GOP money race behind Mitt Romney, Rudolph W. Giuliani and Sen. John McCain.

And the AP notes:

Speaking Monday to about 250 people in Marshalltown, Thompson had to point out that he was finished and it was OK for people to applaud.

"At least I got some applause," he said. "I had to ask for it."

In Cedar Falls, a country singer got the crowd rocking and clapping, but the room cooled as Thompson spoke.

"He's a good communicator, but I'm still looking," said Brad Niemeyer, of Fort Dodge.