Lagoa Do Fogo Is The Hike You Must Add To Your Bucket List

São Miguel Island has no shortage of gorgeous natural scenery. But Lagoa do Fogo might take the cake for the most stunning spot around.

Lagoa do Fogo (aka "Lake of Fire") is a crater lake at the center of São Miguel Island in Azores, Portugal. It sits within the Agua de Pau stratovolcano.

While São Miguel Island offers an array of scenic hikes (there's a reason they call it the "Green Island"), the one leading to the "Lake of Fire" really can't be beat. The large lake is surrounded by lush, green vegetation which is perfect for exploring.

Visitors can reach the lake via a nearly 8-mile hiking trail that is worth the journey. Hikers will take in incredible views of Vila Franca do Campo and Ribeira da Praia, get up close and personal with a variety of endemic plant species and, after trekking for four and a half hours through all that vegetation, end up on the banks of Lagoa do Fogo.

Check out photos of Lagoa do Fogo below!




lagoa do fogo

lagoa do fogo

lagoa do fogo

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