9 Must-Have Features From Airports LGA Should Totally Borrow

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced initial plans for the new airport on Monday, saying that the first phase will cost $4 billion and that the more-modern LGA will be a single terminal with more shops and restaurants. That all sounds wonderful, but while we're still in the pre-construction phases, here are the 6 things we hope to see incorporated into the new airport.

1. Better restaurants

Shake Shack, Artichoke Pizza, Tompkins Square Bagels, Russ & Daughters -- the list goes on and on.

2. An epic waterfall

Hey, one can dream! Singapore's Changi Airport is building the airport amenities of the future, complete with a waterfall, forest area and ponds.

3. Musical performances

If you're traveling through the Portland airport, you just might catch a cello performance, pan flute solo or some beautiful notes from the piano; various acts make up the PDX Art and Entertainment division. With all the Broadway talent in the world and some pretty darn good subway acts, LGA could be singin' a whole new tune.

4. Meditation rooms

Travel is stressful, there's no denying it. And to curb that stress, why not visit a meditation room for some calming stretches or contemplative travel thoughts? The San Francisco International Airport has the Berman Reflection Room for self-reflection and meditation. LGA should have its own version as well.

5. Play areas for kids

Many airports, like San Francisco, Miami and Dallas-Fort Worth, have playgrounds or special spots for kiddos bursting with energy. The new LGA should learn from these airports and at least have a few slides, swings and attractions for lively little ones.

6. Better breastfeeding amenities

Thanks to a new initiative called Friendly Airports for Mothers, breastfeeding moms might finally get the private lactation rooms they deserve. Just a little nudge to make these rooms extra amazing, LGA, as travel with little ones is no easy feat.

7. Local shopping stores and wares

New York City has some of the best shopping in the world, but airports are usually filled with the same, tired touristy goods. LGA should keep some of the touristy stuff (everyone needs an NYC shot glass), but also take a few pointers from the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and add locally-made trinkets and goods.

8. Composting and recycling programs

Down in Charlotte, North Carolina, the airport has attempted to introduce worms (yes, worms) to deal with its traveler trash problem. Though things might get a little dirty, introducing composting -- or more thorough recycling program-- would be well worth the work.

9. A space for animals

JFK's new all-animal terminal, called "The Ark," opens next year and it looks pretty awesome for the 70,000 or so furry friends that pass through the hub each year. There'll be a place for penguins, a swimming pool for pups and even stables. Maybe LGA could host an extra space in case of animal overflow?

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