Laila Ali Commends Colin Kaepernick: 'He Knows What He's Talking About'

The former boxer remembers another black athlete activist who history remembers as a hero: Muhammad Ali.

Former boxer Laila Ali is now part of a growing list of public figures who have come out in support of Colin Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the national anthem before football games.  

Ali, who stopped by HuffPost last week to promote Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures, spoke about the recent controversy around the San Francisco 49ers quarterback. She said she champions Kaepernick for his response to racial inequality and police brutality in America.

“I commend Colin Kaepernick because he had a lot of courage,” Ail told host Jacques Morel. “And you could tell that it’s not something he did not put a lot of thought into. He knows what he’s talking about.”

Kaepernick’s political statement has drawn heavy criticism, but Ali drew a parallel to her late father, boxing legend Muhammed Ali. In addition to his athletic legacy, Ali was also notorious for publicly condemning racial injustice. 

“He’s going to reference Muhammad Ali and how they may have hated him back then. People didn’t always love him you know and now what he’s become,” Ali continued. “You know, people can’t always see the end of the road."

She then praised the quarterback’s commitment to speak out about an issue he believes in deeply.

Kaepernick takes a knee during the national anthem. 
Kaepernick takes a knee during the national anthem. 

“He’s very passionate about it and he’s trying to speak up for people who can’t speak for themselves,” Ali said. “But at the same time, I don’t expect everybody to do it because everybody is not that individual.” 

In addition to her thoughtful commentary, Ali also filled us in on her new venture with Colgate’s Bright Smiles Futures. Her partnership with the organization will help impart the significance of oral hygiene to underserved children. 

Watch the full conversation with Laila Ali below:



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