Lake Bell On The 'Conflict' Of Belonging To Organizations For 'Female Empowerment'

As a board member of Women In Film, Lake Bell knows the importance of belonging to organizations that "empower women." But in a conversation with HuffPost Live last week, the actress identified a fascinating conundrum she's faced as a result of belongin to a gender-specific cause.

"What I find most interesting is sort of the conflict with wanting to be a part of organizations that empower women ... or not wanting to be a part of those organizations, because then that's sort of pinpointing that we're different or something," she told host Ricky Camilleri.

While the "Childrens Hospital" star enjoys aligning with her fellow ladies, she finds it just as important to bond with the film community at large.

"A filmmaker community, whether it's for women or for filmmakers, I'm pro- both of those things," she said. "I think of it as more of [a] camaraderie."

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