What 5 Days Of Wind And Freezing Temps Along Lake Ontario Can Do

There's a real home beneath all that ice.

Well, this will take some time to defrost.

After five days of freezing temperatures combined with heavy winds and the moisture of Lake Ontario, an entire home in Webster, New York now resembles a block of ice.

On Sunday, photographer John Kucko posted photos and video of the home that’s located on the shore of Lake Ontario. The images have since gone viral, racking up hundreds of views, shares and comments.

”Bit overwhelmed by the reaction the ‘Ice House’ is getting,” Kucko wrote in a subsequent Facebook post. “Many people think the images are photoshopped, they’re not.”

The photographer added that some readers have even accused him of spraying foam on the abode, which he said he definitely did not do. Last week’s snow storm was so bad that some 200,000 individuals lost power due to hurricane-force winds.

The right combination of weather elements can create such icy situations. Last year, a car parked next to Lake Erie near Buffalo, New York, was encased in ice due to freezing temperatures and high winds.

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