Street Painting Festival Celebrates 20th Year

One of my favorite art events in South Florida is the annual Lake Worth Street Painting Festival. The festival happens along Lake and Lucerne avenues in Lake Worth's downtown area; this year it was February 22-23.

Lake Worth is located just south of West Palm Beach and about 60 miles north of Miami. The coastal city, which is seven square miles, has a downtown with an artistic atmosphere.

For the festival's 20th year, participating were 400 artists, local and from different parts of the country, including 20 featured artists. All artists followed a movie theme, and created on the asphalt, using chalk only, their favorite scenes or characters from a film. It's been reported that almost 100,000 people were in attendance during the two-day period. The street festival is said to be the country's largest. It's definitely a great way to appreciate the process of creating artwork, while connecting artists and spectators.

Below are some of my photos:


A light pole banner.


Local students participate in street painting on Lake Avenue.


On Feb. 22, Highland Elementary School's World Drumming Ensemble under the direction of Emmanuel Fergile, music teacher, performed as a part the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County's "Follow Your Art" series. Click here to see a video.


Jennifer Chaparro, featured, local artist and lead artist/owner of Amazing Street Painting working on 3D chalk art on Feb. 22.


Chaparro's finished artwork on Feb. 23.


A painting of Sherlock Holmes characters, in progress, by guest artists Nate (shown) and Jill Baranowski of Street Canvas Design.


Manuel Gomez, featured, local artist: Marlon Brando in The Godfather


Michael V. Las Casas, featured local artist, used a 3D concept of incorporating a vertical plane.


An artist paints Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands.


A child takes an interest in ukulele playing.


Ruben Ubiera (left) and Trek 6 (right) spray paint a mural on canvas.