Lakewood High's Misspelled 'Laeping To Literacy' Sign Makes Officials Cringe

School officials at one Tampa Bay area high school are cringing -- not leaping -- after a sign promoting a literacy program contained a prominent misspelling.

The sign at Lakewood High in St. Petersburg read "Laeping To Literacy Night 6:30 p.m."

An apparent alumnus tweeted the above picture with the hashtag #itsamiracleilearnedhowtoread.

The school's custodian installed the sign on Friday, Tampa Bay Times reports, and it wasn't taken down until Monday.

Patricia Schley, the school's literacy coach, noticed the misspelling on Sunday morning and texted Principal Robert Vicari, "We don't LAEP into literacy."

Students had already shared the sign on social media, however. Schley told the Times she was proud of them -- hey, at least they noticed the misspelling.

"We got some laughs out of it, but obviously we don't want to do it at the expense of the man who made the mistake," Vicari told "Thank god we're not surgeons."

Last month, a New York school got heat for a misspelled crossing sign, "SHCOOL X-NG" in big white letters.