Mom Takes Food Art To The Next Level With Adorable Cartoon Characters

SpongeBob, Olaf and Minions -- Oh my!

Mom Laleh Mohmedi likes to let her creative side take over when it comes to making meals for her 2-year-old son Jacob. Mohmedi creates meals featuring one of her toddler's favorite characters -- from Pinocchio to Olaf to Joy from "Inside Out."

"I started purely for a bit of fun," Mohmedi told The Huffington Post. "A few months ago I made a lion out of pancakes that could have easily passed as a bear -- he absolutely loved it, and it started from there!"

Every night before bedtime, the mom asks her son which character he would like to see on his plate the next day. Jacob chooses from amongst his favorite books, movies and toys, as well broader pop culture. "He has even asked me to make him Michael Jackson!" Mohmedi said.

The mom then looks up images of his character of choice and makes a game plan. The meals typically take between 20 and 35 minutes to make, depending on the ingredients and figure. Mohmedi photographs the finished creations and posts them on an Instagram account called "Jacob's Food Diaries." She currently has over 2,300 followers and counting.

Mohmedi said her son can't get enough of the character-driven food, which she makes one of his meals each day. "Jacob has always been a fantastic eater," she said, adding, "He likes to tell me which parts of the character he is eating! I have always been a big advocate for healthy organic food for children, so the meals have not changed -- they have just been presented differently."

Keep scrolling for a look at Mohmedi's adorable food art characters.

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