Lamar Odom Likely Suffered Brain Damage, According To Reports

He's still on life support.

Lamar Odom's condition has yet to take a turn for the better even as family and friends flock to a Las Vegas hospital to be by his side. Despite making "small progress" on Thursday, according to ESPN and the Los Angeles Daily News, Odom remains on life support and in a coma. 

While those close to Odom are hopeful that the former NBA star didn't suffer brain damage when he fell unconscious in a Nevada brothel on Tuesday, TMZ filed an update on Friday reporting that Odom was "entirely unresponsive" all of Thursday, with doctors now believing his brain function is "significantly reduced."  

This follows E! News' Wednesday claim that it was "likely" Odom suffered brain damage

News of Odom's unresponsiveness and potential brain damage conflict with Los Angeles Daily News beat writer Mark Medina's Thursday report that Odom actually came out of a coma

Odom woke up briefly and showed some responsiveness with his body language on Thursday, according to multiple sources familiar with the situation.

Medina, however, did specify that pessimism remains around Odom's overall condition. Moreover, concerns persist over how Odom reacted to a mixture of cocaine and an herbal supplement for Viagra, which he reportedly ingested during his $75,000, 48-hour stay at the Love Ranch brothel in rural Nevada.

ESPN reported on Thursday that authorities have begun retracing Odom's stay at the brothel and that a blood sample had been taken to determine if he overdosed on drugs or alcohol


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