This Is A Lamborghini Cooking A Turkey With Its Exhaust (VIDEO)

Well That's One Way To Cook A Turkey

Suck, squish, bang, blow. It may sound dirty, but those are the actions of a four-stroke internal combustion engine. Air and fuel are sucked into the cylinder, squished by the piston, ignited by the spark plug (or in diesel engines, ignited by the squishing) and then the remains are blown out the exhaust.

But sometimes a little extra fuel escapes during the blow, and a second bang can come in the form of a fireball -- an effect that can result in some pretty mesmerizing entertainment. Just take a look at this video posted Dec. 23 by YouTube user Shmee150.

Using an Oakley Design-tuned Lamborghini Aventador, a car enthusiast decides to cook a full turkey with the fireballs from the Lambo's exhaust. In fact, the car does such a good job of cooking the turkey that the host even takes a bite of the bird (though we're curious how many toxic fumes he also consumed).

Who needs an oven, stove or microwave to cook a turkey when you have a six-figure Italian sports car?

This isn't the first awesome fireball we've seen come out of a car's exhaust pipes, though it may be the weirdest use of said fire. A week earlier we watched a man, who was sitting in the car's trunk, nearly soil his pants after witnessing the giant fireball of a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG tuned by World Motorsports.

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