Lamborghini Splits In Half During Brooklyn Car Crash (VIDEO)

It was a typical Saturday in Brooklyn's Mill Basin neighborhood. Well, until a Lamborghini Aventador collided with a sedan in a crash that caused the sports car to split in two.

In CCTV footage of the Brooklyn car crash, posted online later, the Lamborghini can be seen breaking in half after ramming into another vehicle that appears to be turning into a driveway. The front end of the estimated $400,000-plus car disconnects from the tail section and skids into a fence.

An eyewitness and Reddit user said the driver of the Lamborghini was mobile after the accident; no word on the driver's specific condition. The user shared the following photo from the scene on Imgur:

An Instagram user, who also posted a photo of the bisected Lamborghini, said that her brother was involved in the crash and was hit by the speeding Lamborghini. She noted that he has been hospitalized, but is "ok" following the crash.

As auto-enthusiast blog SuperCarKids notes, the sheer forced of the accident ripped the Lamborghini in half, separating the cockpit from the engine. Apparently, the Lamborghini is "designed to do this to protect the occupants only in the most severe impacts."

Update, Sept. 23: The Instagram user has since deleted the post.



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