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Lamont Leads the Fight Against the Hostile Takeover

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I'm getting ready to leave New Haven for the next stop on my book tour, but I thought I would share my thoughts on Senate candidate Ned Lamont after he and I did a big event here for Hostile Takeover last night. The gathering at the Atticus Book Store was positively terrific (check out some pictures from the event here). As the New Haven Independent reports this morning, my book "stars Sen. Joe Lieberman as a favorite bedfellow of Big Money" -- and his starring role was a big topic of discussion with the overflow crowd last night. Lieberman likes to call himself a "centrist" but as the Independent correctly notes, I and Ned believe that "a cooperator with the current corrupt administration isn't a 'centrist,' but a strategic 'hijacker'." I made it pretty plain, telling told the reporter that "Lieberman decides to be part of a consensus in Washington that pushes the hostile takeover of our government." I also noted that Ned's campaign is a critical strike back against that consensus.

With Ned headlining the event, somewhere between 75 and 100 people showed up to discuss Hostile Takeover -- and you could really feel the energy in the room. People here clearly feel they are on the cusp of taking Connecticut's Senate seat back from Lieberman -- a guy who has time and again sided with those Big Money interests that have perpetrated a hostile takeover of our government.

I was very impressed with Ned -- he's both totally down to earth and a serious policy maven. Put another way, this is a person who is both a normal human being and also serious about changing the direction of this country. And he's clearly not overly "packaged" -- he has a good sense of what he wants to do, as opposed to relying on pollsters/operatives to tell him what to do/say. This is going to be a very serious race. Nedrenaline is obviously threatening Joementum -- and that's a very good thing for democracy.

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