Lana Del Rey Album 'Born 2 Die' To Release In January (VIDEO)

Lana Del Rey is the internet sensation you either don't know about because you're just not that into internet sensations, or you totally know about and are tired of people qualifying as an "internet sensation." You know, ok? She has that one video and those two lips and a boatful of mystery and haters and all the things anyone needs to sensate the internet. You get it! Well ok, we get that you get it, whoever you are, and we want you to fill up a glass of water and slowly take a chill pill (don't choke, you'll only get more frustrated than you already are!), because we have more Lana Del Rey news for you. More. It's never ending!

Last time we told you she'd be releasing an album, all normal singer/songwriter like. Today we can tell you that album will be called Born 2 Die, which is not actually an amalgam of Britney internet speak and Lady Gaga album title, but the name of the single she released earlier this month. It's due to release January 23, an additional detail she apparently spilled on the onomatopoeicly-titled French show, "Taratata." Sadly, the only "Taratata" footage we can find is a typically doleful "Video Games." So no, no hard proof as yet that she talks and breathes and eats and stuff when she's not busy being a singing sensation.

WATCH her on "Taratata" anyways: