Lana Del Rey Amoeba Hollywood: A Love Fest, And A Comeback (VIDEO)

Lana Del Rey is back. Her free concert Tuesday at Amoeba in Hollywood was nothing short of an emotional love fest.

Despite rumors that her as yet unannounced March tour had been cancelled to "distance" her from ruthless criticism of her "Saturday Night Live" performance, Del Rey stepped on stage and performed with confidence and charm.

"You know it hasn't been the easiest," she said to her cheering fans. "But you make it easier. I'm glad you all are here."

Her fans shouted out adoringly and repeatedly "Marry me!" "You're beautiful!" and "I love you!" -- the latter to which she replied each time, "I love you too." Every time the singer belted out a high note, the crowd of more than 800 fans roared.

Del Rey smiled whenever she wasn't singing, looking like she was thoroughly enjoying herself. In addition to her incessant hand gestures, which seem, for her, to be a form of expression inseparable from her singing, she didn’t hesitate to dance briefly, as if in defiance of the criticism of her dancing on SNL.

The budding singer seemed surprised to see so many fans when she first came on stage. "I didn't know you guys were all coming," she said bashfully. "You know we sing for you."

She sang "Born to Die," "Blue Jeans," "Million Dollar Man," "Video Games" and "Without You." Towards the end of her performance, she reiterated her heartfelt gratitude to the crowd: "I just want to say thank you guys so much, and you know what I mean." The singer embraced weeping fans before the show (see video in slideshow below) and became teary-eyed herself in the moment.

Who are Del Rey's fans? And why do they like her? Check out these photos of Lana's performance and a selection of comments from her still-devoted fans.