Lana Del Rey For H&M Photoshop Disaster (PHOTO)

No, you can go play your video games, I'll just be over here melting.

Lana Del Rey has a wide range of talents: babydoll vocals, pantomiming sex on pinball machines, twirling.

But we didn't realize the 26-year-old singer and model possessed some more "Alex Mack"-like skills as well: morphing into ectoplasm, apparently, as she seems to do thanks to some Photoshop gone awry in her latest H&M ad.

Here are the tell-tale idiosyncrasies we've spotted in one of Del Rey's new holiday spots for the clothing retailer:

  • Her collarbone looks a little elongated. Not to mention the stray wisp of hair that makes her clavicle look like a French baguette.

  • That car! She's in front of it! No, she's behind it! In the middle of it! No wait, she... appears to be melting into it?
  • What's up with her right elbow/arm area? Is that a limb or a finely chiseled rib cage?
  • Anamorphisms aside, the singer shows off an array of H&M's new holiday apparel in the spots, including some cool-looking leather pants. We're just not sure how to wear them with four intact appendages.

    Check out Lana's Photoshop-heavy ad below, and see the rest of the ads over at Gossip Center.

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