Lana Del Rey Signs To Interscope Records (VIDEO)

The Next Big Thing Is On Her Way To Being The Big Thing

Part of Lana del Rey's appeal thus far has been the feeling that you'd stumbled upon a well-kept secret. But a good secret never stays one for long. As predicted, The Next Big Thing is well on her way to becoming The Big Thing. The 24-year-old sultry soul songstress has been signed to Interscope Records, with an album due out in early 2012, Billboard reports. Since we first took notice of her back in August with that damn mesmerizing "Video Games," del Rey's built up a considerable amount of evidence that she deserves our attention -- two solid songs (and accompanying videos), a few live performances -- proof that her voice is, in fact, real -- and the sincerest form of flattery in the music biz -- the remix, by artists across a number of genres. The latest, and best, one came this week from hip-hop collective Odd Future.

If this flurry of news has evaded you, start here -- you'll be hearing it on repeat soon enough:

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