Lana Del Rey Kasabian Cover: 'Goodbye Kiss'

Lana Del Rey's Kasabian cover, "Goodbye Kiss," happened for a very simple reason: the singer wanted to pay tribute to the band for covering one of her songs.

Kasabian covered Del Rey's hit song "Video Games" on BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge, and Del Rey decided her appearance on the same show was the perfect time to return the favor.

"I really loved it when they covered 'Video Games,'" Del Rey said (via NME). "I thought that was great."

Kasabian's song first appeared on the 2011 album Velociraptor!, and it's a poppy bit of indie rock that recalls The Smiths or something else that could have easily appeared on the soundtrack for "(500) Days of Summer." As is her wont, Del Rey's version is more mournful and overwrought, but still kinda good? Sorry, everyone!

Watch Del Rey's version above and check out the Kasabian original below.

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