Lana Del Rey's 'Maha Maha' Track Leaks As The Singer's Latest Effort

More new music from Lana Del Rey has hit the web. A song called "Maha Maha" made its way online this week, the latest in a string of leaks from the 27-year-old singer.

"Maha Maha" takes a mid-tempo beat and features Eastern influences. "So if you begin / to think that my light might be supernatural / I'd have to say you're right / You right, mon cher, it is!" Del Rey croons in the somewhat bizarre track. Take a listen to "Maha Maha" above.

Del Rey made waves last week when a song called "So Legit" was circulated online. The track, which was reportedly recorded by Del Rey, attacks Lady Gaga with lyrics like, "Stefani you suck / I know you're selling 20 million / Wish they could've seen you / When we booed you off in Williamsburg."

Born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, Del Rey has yet to comment on any of the leaks.

Lana Del Ray