Lana Del Rey's 'American Idol' Performance: Pop Starlet Sings 'Video Games' (VIDEO)

Embattled pop princess Lana Del Rey's performance of "Video Games," a track off her debut album, Born to Die, was featured on Thursday's "American Idol".

While it remains to see if Del Rey will ever be mentioned without the words "widely panned 'Saturday Night Live' performance" in the same breath, the singer did seem a bit more at ease (was that a smile at the beginning?) than during the ill-fated "SNL" gig. Thursday's performance was pre-taped before a live audience.

Though it makes sense, for ratings' sake, to have Del Rey perform on the singing competition, the performance was a jarring break from the rest of the program. As USA Today's Brian Mansfield noted, Del Rey is the anti-"Idol," a performer who charms through an unbroken commitment to brooding, almost plaintive vocals. On a show that prizes theatrical, athletic singing, Del Rey can seem underwhelming.

Earlier this week, Del Rey released a new video for "Blue Jeans" which depicts the attractive singer's tryst with a tattooed lover. A leaked version of the monochromatic visuals made its way to the web but was quickly replaced by the official edit.

Haley Reinhart, last year's third-place finisher, also performed on Thursday's program. Reinhart sang "Free," the first single off her debut album, Listen Up!

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WATCH: Lana Del Rey - "Video Games" (Live on "American Idol")