There Was Only One Thing This Driver Could Do To Avoid A Head-On Crash

"Well that was f***ing scary."

Let this video be a reminder: Do not pass on the crest of a hill.

Footage from Lancashire, United Kingdom, shows a driver make a snap decision to veer off a country road when he sees two cars ― side by side ― speeding toward him on a two lane highway.

“Well, that was f***ing scary,” says the driver, who was traveling at 55 miles-per-hour when his car flipped.

The crash, posted by YouTube user christophertelford on July 1, left the Toyota Yaris totaled, but luckily the driver suffered only minor injuries.

The driver of the blue BMW traveling in the wrong lane returned to the scene 10 minutes later to speak with police, according to the driver’s description.

The slow motion replay of the accident.

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