Lane Bryant's Live Twitter Chat Didn't Go As It Probably Expected

The plus-size clothing brand was criticized for a lack of inclusivity.

Lane Bryant says it's the "most recognized name in plus-size clothing," but some of that recognition comes from plus-size shoppers who aren't entirely on board with the brand and its messaging.

The retailer hosted a live Twitter Q&A on Tuesday that exposed quite a number of grievances from unhappy customers, some of whom expressed concerns with the company's lack of inclusivity, despite its efforts to celebrate women of all sizes through campaigns like #I'mNoAngel and #PlusIsEqual.

Through the hashtag #AskLaneBryant, some Twitter users shared the opinion that Lane Bryant's models don't actually represent the wide variety of women who wear its clothes.

"I really want to know when we will see campaigns with models size 22+," one participant wondered, while another had a bone to pick with messaging from store employees.

While the discussion uncovered a good deal of criticism, some noted that having the conversation itself was encouraging.

At the end of the live Twitter chat, the retailer responded by saying, "We’re so grateful for the candidness and openness today. We had such a short amount of time but want to keep the convo going."

As with most candid Twitter discussions, ask for input -- and you shall certainly receive!

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