Lane Kiffin, Fired From USC, Had It Coming After Disastrous Tenure

College football fans, rejoice! USC head coach Lane Kiffin has been fired, after going a pedestrian 28-15 during his embarrassing tenure. Kiffin, who at 31 became the youngest NFL head coach since the merger with the Oakland Raiders, was nothing short of awful in the land of Troy. I hate to say "I told you so," but I told you so.

Of course, it should come as no surprise, given how, after committing to the Vols faithful, Kiffin selfishly left Tennessee to take his boy wonder charm and flair for developing quarterbacks to LA. Where, not only was he a complete and utter failure, but he ran an elite national program into the ground.

lane kiffin
After a middling 28-15 record at USC, head coach Lane Kiffin has been fired. (AP)

Saturday night's loss to Arizona State, in which the Sun Devils hung 62 on USC, was clearly the tipping point. So when athletic director Pat Hayden pulled Kiffin off the team bus at 4:30 in the morning and left him at the airport without a job, it may have been poor form, but it was fitting. Kiffin, after all, had been no better in his handling of the controversies surrounding deflated footballs, switched jersey numbers and closed practices.

Kiffin has been a hollow leader without an ounce of dignity. It was not unusual to see players looking on intently as Kiffin strolled the sidelines with his head buried in the playbook. The players didn't trust him, some did not like him, and they certainly did not seem to play hard for him. Rarely have we seen a coach with so few credentials reprieved so often for his poor performances and failures.

And to those who say Lane Kiffin is a young, talented recruiter, I say: If you can't recruit at USC, then you are a terrible recruiter. The good news for the Trojans is that the rebuilding process should not be as arduous as it has been for other programs with failed coaches.

In an era when very little seems right in college sports, the end of the Lane Kiffin Experiment could not be more perfect.

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