Lanny Davis Attacks Maddow For Clinton Criticism: 'Worst Element Of Our Party'

CLINTONITES VS. MADDOW: Top Democrat Attacks Maddow Over Clinton Criticism

After President Bill Clinton struck back at Rachel Maddow for her criticism of his presidency, former Clinton aide and high-profile Democratic insider Lanny Davis weighed in with his own attack on the cable news host.

While appearing on Wednesday's edition of the radio show "America's Morning News," Davis was asked about Maddow's comments on her March 31 show. She said that Clinton "was probably the best Republican president the country ever had, if you look at the policies that he passed."

Asked to reply, Davis didn't hold back:

"We [Democrats] have our Tea Party side, and Rachel Maddow is typical...she's sanctimonious and intolerant of anyone who disagrees with her. So, if it's Bill Clinton, she calls him a Republican because he doesn't meet Rachel Maddow's test. So, the worst element of our party are people who call themselves liberal who are actually illiberal because they are intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them..."


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