Laptop Life Tips: Experts Share 10 Tricks To Make Your Computer Last Longer

10 Tips To Make Your Laptop Live Longer

Though laptop prices have gone down over time, they are still big investments and can be expensive and frustrating to replace when they die. You want your machine to live as long as it possibly can, and to that end we have asked six of the highest-rated laptop repair shops in New York City for some advice on how to easily and cheaply make your laptop live longer.

Two tips were offered by all: DO NOT drink liquids near your computer, and DO NOT rest your laptop on a pillow or a bed. Otherwise, their advice was varied and quite helpful. Below we've collected 10 of the best rules (including the No Liquids and No Bedtime Use warnings) that could keep your laptop running a little bit longer, and just maybe save you some time and dough.

(Many thanks to the following New York-area laptop repair companies: Dr. Brendan's Mac Repair, The How Lounge, Hi-Tech Electronics, Laptop MD, The Little Laptop Shop and Repair on 6th. Many of their websites have more tips for computer care, so check them out.)

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Tips And Tricks To Help Your Laptop Last Longer

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