Laptop Life Tips: 9 More Tricks From The Experts To Make Your Computer Last Longer (PART 2)

In our first installment of laptop health tips from the experts, we shared tips and tricks from computer repair shops around New York City on how to help your laptop live a little longer. Big ones that were repeated over and over by these service centers included not drinking any liquids near your computer (ever!) and not placing your laptop down on your bed, since that blocks your laptop's fans and puts your PC at risk of overheating.

Those tips were good, but we've got even more for you. We're back with nine additional tips that should make your laptop live just a little bit longer. Doing your research before buying and getting a quality machine is half the battle; the other half is taking care of your new purchase. These laptop health tips should help you do just that.

Once again, a big thank you to the following New York-area laptop repair companies: Dr. Brendan's Mac Repair, The How Lounge, Hi-Tech Electronics, Laptop MD, The Little Laptop Shop and Repair on 6th. Many of their websites have more tips for computer care, so be sure to check them out.