Lottery Player Wins $10 Million After She Was Bumped Into Pushing Wrong Ticket Button

"I kept thinking this can't be right," LaQuedra Edwards said.

LaQuedra Edwards won $10 million in the California lottery after “some rude person” bumped her, forcing her to push the wrong vending machine button for a Scratchers ticket she had no intention of buying.

But that ticket turned out to be oh so right.

Edwards was driving on the freeway later when she realized the $30 ticket had reaped the top prize, she said in a statement posted Wednesday.

“I almost crashed my car,” she joked. “I pulled over, looked at it again and again, scanned it with my app, and I just kept thinking this can’t be right.”

Edwards, who plans to buy a house and start a nonprofit venture, said she is “still in shock.”

“All I remember saying once I found out how much I just won was, “I’m rich!”

Edward purchased her ticket at a Vons Supermarket in Tarzana, which received $50,000 for selling the big winner.

The person who bumped into Edwards and “didn’t say a thing” as he walked out the supermarket door would perhaps still be speechless if he discovered her twist of fate.

Weird things do happen in the lottery. One woman recently discovered she had won $3 million by searching for another message in her spam email folder and finding a notification from the lottery.

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