Lara Logan Has Returned To Work At '60 Minutes'

Lara Logan's suspension from "60 Minutes" appears to be over.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote on Wednesday that Logan, who has been on a leave of absence from the program since late November, when her controversial reporting on the Benghazi attacks fell apart—is back at work. Other outlets also confirmed the news.

Logan came under fire after it emerged that her main source for her Benghazi story, Dylan Davies, had lied repeatedly about his actions and whereabouts during the attacks. CBS News eventually retracted the story, and Logan apologized for her reporting on air. Logan and "60 Minutes" were harshly criticized in an internal CBS review.

Since then, questions have been raised about Logan's closeness to the military and her increasingly opinionated interventions in the debates around American foreign policy.

There was no word from CBS on just how free Logan will be to explore the kind of territory that got her into such trouble in the past.