Fox Nation's Lara Logan Compares Anthony Fauci To Nazi Doctor Josef Mengele

Logan claimed "people all across the world are saying this" about the leading infectious disease expert.

Lara Logan, a host on Fox News’ streaming platform Fox Nation, provoked outrage on Monday after she drew a link between Dr. Anthony Fauci and Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor known as the “Angel of Death” for performing experiments on Jews at Auschwitz during World War II.

“This is what people say to me: He doesn’t represent science,” the former “60 Minutes” correspondent said of Fauci, the longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

“He represents Josef Mengele ... the Nazi doctor who did experiments on Jews during the Second World War in the concentration camps. And I am talking about people all across the world are saying this!” she added, without giving any examples. “Because the response from COVID. What it has done to countries everywhere. What it has done to civil liberties. The suicide rates. The poverty.”

She made the comment during an appearance on “Fox News Primetime,” following a rant about how there was “no justification for putting people out of their jobs or forcing mandates” for a disease that has death rates “that compare very much to seasonal flu.” (The death rate from COVID-19 is up to 10 times higher than that of most strains of the flu.)

Holocaust comparisons have become a common feature of protests against COVID-19 strategies. Conservative politicians and media personalities have repeatedly compared vaccine mandates and pandemic restrictions to the treatment of Jews by the Germans during the Holocaust.

The trend has moved many Jewish advocacy groups and Holocaust museums to issue statements clarifying that the deportation of Jews to their deaths by a totalitarian regime is not comparable to efforts by elected officials to enact rules that mitigate a global health crisis.

Logan’s comment, made on the second night of Hanukkah, prompted outcry on social media.

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